Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Math! & Some Weekend Pictures!

Happy Tuesday!  What a weekend we had!  This is the greatest time of year but it was also the busiest! 

Friday night I had a chance to hang out with two of my favorite people from high school and eat, eat, and eat we did. It was not healthy foods either, straight comfort food including spinach dip and Bethel Bakery cake.  My friend Tricia has by far one of the cutest little men on the block.  He has his routine down and by down, I mean d.o.w.n. This is his after bath picture in which we totally thought he looked like Macauly Caulkin from Home Alone, remember when he just got out of the shower and just looked so darn cute, well this little guy is way cuter.

Saturday was filled with even more fun and Halloween parties along with some of our good friends bunking with us but just for the night since they were in town for a wedding.

My dear friend Melissa hosted a darn cute Charlie Brown Halloween party. Although this was mainly for kids and since we are currently kid-less, it was amazing and man she had the details down to a T.  It was great to catch up with everyone and my good friend Bekah and her little family as well! 

We did finish the evening at our friend's Halloween party and man was there some competition for costumes. Mr. Tim wanted to dress as someone from some movie that I never saw and he made my costume as well so I was A-OK with it! I think besides Christmas, Halloween is his next favorite holiday.  

Annnnnd finally my favorite part of our weekend was starting our new Bible study.  We chose Stuck by Jennie Allen....and man I think we sure our glad that we did, just after the first study which was short and sweet, it is d.e.e.p. and ah-mazing. Here is a (dark) picture of some of the sweet ladies and Marci's beautiful children at lunch a couple weeks ago.

Now onto the school stuff...we have an awesome PTA and each year they buy each student in 1st grade a little pumpkin.  We then all get together in the gym and with the help of our parents we get gross and messy and it is a lot of fun for everyone. 

All of the pumpkins already come washing which is beyond
awesome as in the past we would have to wash them. The parents cut the tops
of them off before the kids get there which is awesome as well.
We use the nurse's scale and students weigh them
 before the cut everything out and after.

Four Words: IKEA paper measuring tapes!

And how cute is that darn skirt AND necklace!

The first paper below is the paper we sent home to parents asking for donations of supplies and helpers. 
The second is the sheet that each student had for all of their data.

Feel free to ask any questions or email me if you would like the two documents above!

Have a great rest of your Halloween week!!


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