Monday, October 21, 2013

Target Dollar Bin Find!

Happy Monday! 

Where the heck did that weekend go?!

If you are anything like well, any teacher you hoard everything and anything in the Target dollar bins. (or anything at Target for that matter!) We have a new Target in town and well the Dollar Spot is always picked over. Bummer. 

But I did happen to find these little guys...and yes they were a dollar.

I found them (took all they had left) and had NO clue what to do with them and came up with this little idea since my little friends are struggling with their identifying their sight words.  After I introduced the words, I had the students write them on their fingers and as a whole group we put them in alphabetical order.  I would ideally do this (ABC Order that is) later in the week but we have a ton going on for Red Ribbon Week that I decided to sneak it in while I could.

And I mean who isnt going to want to read with a Zombie finger!?!

I made a little template for the Zombie ABC Order 
that you can hopefully use with your friends.

Hope you all have a great week!


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