Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Its been quite a while...

Dear friends! Where have the last month and a half gone!?  Our family has seen some rough past couple weeks so I was in hiding from just about everything other than teaching and family.

As we finish out the last little week of school, I have some freebies to share that hopefully you will find useful!

So let's check them out!

The first is a little worksheet to have students fill out about what they leave for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!

 What Will You Leave Santa?

The second is a little Math Freebie that goes with our Math lessons, FACT FAMILIES!

 Fact Family Freebie

Hope that you are able to survive the final week before a nice long, RELAXING break! 

Merry Christmas! I promise to check in more over the break and in the new year!

Love, Allison

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