Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year & Some Randomness!

Happy New Year Friends! I hope that you all have had a great start to the new year! Can you even believe it is 2014! Where oh where has time gone?

Today we are getting to enjoy a "snow" day here in Pittsburgh which really means it is -6 degrees so don't come out of your house.  In 28 years, this has never happened but boy am I excited!  It has been the perfect way to ease into school after a nice 2 week long break.  Not to mention all of the random house chores/projects/laundry/cleaning that I HAVE to do since it is not advised to go outside unless you must.  Darn.

I wanted to share what our amazing principal gave us each for Christmas.  Our school this year gave each student a brag tag at the beginning of the year.  If you have not seen these yet, they are great and motivate our kids like no other.  Every month she gives ones to students for good attendance and there are ones to purchase for different achievements or milestones within your classroom like Rocket Math, shoe tying, Accelerated Reader points, etc.

If you have not seen these, check them out!  I must have been living under a rock for quite a while because our school here just discovered them.  There are so many awesome teachers out there that have made awesome bulletin boards like Cara Carroll and Christine Bainbridge!

Then for us she bought us this little tag of our own that says, Better than That..  Have you heard of Wear The Cape?  Leann over at Wear The Cape for All Mankind, has such a huge heart for kids and like all of us dreams of a better and kinder world.

"Wear the Cape is the idea that we are all everyday heroes, or at least capable of being heroes by doing the right thing, the kind thing, the helping and inclusive thing. It is the hope that we can teach our children the power of kindness and good character, making our communities better places to live."

She is amazing and has quite an amazing foundation set up, KidKind over at  She has all sorts of goodness over there including lesson plans and resources to spread the good word.   I hope you will check it out and stay tuned for their book coming out shortly to help teach our kids to be Better than That!

Until next time friends, stay warm & good luck getting through this first full 
week back in 2014!


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