Saturday, January 18, 2014

saturday catch up! or just some randomness.

All day, I debated back and forth between, 'Should I clean or organize?' or 'Should I work out or maybe check school work?' and well basically here we are at 2:52 p.m. and I have not showered, not worked out, and well not done anything except made breakfast for the man who had to get up early to salt some sidewalks and watch a whole lot of HGTV.  Good thing, I am supposed to meet my mom shortly at where else but
 THE Market District Express!

Instead of doing any of the things listed above, I thought I would share some of my favorite things at the moment about some pretty spectacular people.

First is my friend Shyla's up and coming blog. Little Saints & Big Sinners.  Now this is the girl who taught me how to not only 'shimmy shimmy shake down' but to parallel park the day before my drivers test in her white Jeep Liberty.

Welcome back 2004, we thought we missed you but in fact I did NOT and of course my friend looks fabulous. ALWAYS has. ALWAYS will.  
THAT haircut, why did no one ever advise me about that.
 Thank the Lord, it no longer looks like this.

Now go and check our her and her amazing little family at Little Saints Big Sinners.

Next up is two of my very favorite people that are a time zone away are soon going to be having a baby! A Baby Girl that is!
I am so excited for these two and am even more exited that I will be able to call them at anytime and it won't matter about that time difference thing because apparently
 being new parents=little to no sleep.

Brett and Kate are both two of our favorite people that live the life in Arizona. I mean who wouldn't want to go hiking 
Not happening here in Pittsburgh unless it is to the mailbox through the snow.

Kate is a twin and her AH-Mazing (wedding reference!) sister is a photographer. I am officially obsessed with her work! After checking out Kate's pictures, I couldn't stop looking at all her other work. Like to the point where Tim had to say, "Allison, it is a LITTLE creepy you are looking at pictures of people you don't know." So I QUIT, kinda or not at all.

Check her out at Sarah Virginia Photography.

and check out my personal favs. 

can you say perfect?!

Lemon tree. kate spade. ah-mazing!

I MEAN! Seriously! A-DORABLE!

SO excited for these two and their sweet baby girl on the way!!! 
Fingers crossed they will be in the same state in 2014! at least for a couple months that is!

And my third favorite thing of the day...ok, well, I can't exactly decide on just one but I am super-de-duper excited about The Good Morning Girls study, Intentionally Focused study that starts on Monday.

If you have never heard of GMG, 
I strongly suggest that you check these fabulous ladies out.  
They know what they are talking about!
Just click on the picture to head over to their website!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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