Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a mid-week weekend recap!

we were so lucky.  well, beyond lucky. being able to live on the same street as your really good friends.

you don't feel like making dinner, walk down the street. they need the dog let out, no problem. you wanted to go one of the best lebanese restaurants ever 3 X a week, check.

with an amazingly awesome opportunity, jeffy and erin got shipped off to allentown. if you ask them, they were way more excited but, less than a year on royer was not enough for us.

{side note: in fact we do have other awesome neighbors and are totally blessed as they have become our friends!}

jeff is now part of the philadelphia phantoms (they are actually still the adirondack phantoms until the fall I believe) which is the farm team to the philadelphia phantoms. and if you know anything about pittsburgh, you know they want N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with anything east that deals with sports.  after trying to talk him out of it, begging him to stay, paying him to stay, they went and where they live is actually amazing but we still miss the heck out of them

the phantoms played in philadelphia against hershey in the wells fargo arena.  and we were lucky enough to watch the phantoms win and hang out with some pretty amazing people.

we also got to check out the local area in allentown and bethlehem and had our first experience at a speakeasy. have you ever been?  they have one in pittsburgh but we have never been and basically they  are set up as though it is a bar/restaurant during the prohibition era.  

two words:

they had a live band that played music from the 20's, the only lighting was by candles and the menus were inside of books to obviously hide all the shenanigans going down or so I think.

one of our favorite pictures of the weekend is jeffy being jeffy.

thank you guys for an extra-ordinary weekend! we miss you!

and in case you were wondering...

 and I think I have quite a few friends that would agree.

here is to no more snow days please!

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