Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the tuesday that was a monday.

so yesterday we had yet ANOTHER cancellation and are being warned of a rain/ice/water/snow front with 1-2 inches of ice and then possibly 3-8 inches of snow approaching us tonight.  well, I finally understand how all these mothers feel about school being closed because I am nothing short of wondering how the heck we will ever get to learning greater than/less than, mastering the magic e, and well everything in between.  it does in fact help the husband out when our neighbors boys are off from school and want to make a couple dollars shoveling the snow. so we win and I pretty sure their parents don't mind it either, but who am I?

so since we did not have school yesterday, today was our monday.

the first thing to go wrong: no makeup and it was class picture day. luckily 2% of the teachers remembered so I was not alone and realized it in time to call a teammate to beg ask for her to bring me her makeup bag.  praise the lord that she did, yet this did not solve the fact I wore a shirt with foxes on it my friends.

second thing before lunch- a scissor accident, bad enough to send the little one to the local med express and a teacher who can't stand the sight of blood into a panic. luckily, he was in fact ok and hopefully will be back at school tomorrow, that is if we do have school.

and then there was lunch, the day you start to eat healthy and bring a smoothie for lunch yet someone has knocked down your lunch bag so your lunch is no longer your lunch but you also have to clean out the refrigerator and explain a couple things about the latest "purple, banana, spinach, almond milk goodness" atop of your colleagues lunch.

now all in all, considering I am thinking in the back of my head that by this time tomorrow if snow-ma-gedon appears, I will in fact be watching HGTV and not have to worry about packing a lunch.

After consulting some of the teachers that are good cooks at school, I asked them about their endeavors of the eggplant.  they gave me great suggestions and well I knew I was going to hit dinner out of the ball park.

Now maybe I did something terribly wrong, but let me tell you, oh wait, you probably already know that, eggplant parmesan should not be tried healthy, at least to a grown man that is.

Don't bake it. Don't try to make it healthy. FRY IT. IN OIL. Otherwise, you have this.

Now while I was making this and letting it bake, I starred at the apples that were a week old because every time I am at Trader Joe's I think to myself, I should really eat apples. So I buy them. And they sit. In the bowl. Until the rot or I do the opposite of Shyla and throw the out to the poor little hungry deer.  (which by the way, drives.tim.crazy!) So she put up this post about homemade applesauce. Check it out here.  She is oh so correct in saying, a. it makes your house smell ah-mazing and b. is ridiculously simple and c. tastes way better than the jar. 

so because dinner was not a hit. at. all. and this was on the stove. well that became the new dinner so I owe ya a big thanks Shy. and that is just from me because fruit in february is not tim's thing.

now I would be lying if I really thought that tuesday, I mean monday, I mean tuesday was that bad considering what I know some students and close friends had to go through today.  
and you my friends have been and will continue to be in our prayers for sure.

I shall be back tomorrow to share some pictures from the weekend because I have a really good feeling that this weather is in fact going to do what it says so here it to go to school in July!

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  1. you are hilarious! and love that you loved the applesauce! linky linked to you tonight! xoxoxo


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