Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nonsense Word Practice & A Dollar Bin Find!

Happy Tuesday almost Wednesday!  

I just finished these little nonsense word flashcards and have been using them for my students who need a little extra practice on their letter sounds and blending.  They love grabbing the ring of them out of their bins to practice.  

On my Target trip this weekend, I of course looked through every.single.bin. in the dollar spot to find these gems.  Although I had no idea what I could use them for, I bought quite a few packs.

My little friends have not completely mastered ABC order so I used these for the perfect opportunity to reteach and practice.  I copied for words onto the board and they put them in alphabetical order.  This was the perfect time filler since we had to cancel our weekly RTii.  

What would you use these little post it notes for??

Have a great rest of the week! Tomorrow is Wednesday!

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