Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poetry Blog Hop!

I am so excited to Hop on this Friday with Rebecca Reid!

My kids absolutely love poetry and for the month of April, my first grade team and I have collaborated to make it part of our Oral Presentations.  We send home a poem with each students based on their reading level, a calender as well as rubric in which they will be graded.  I have used the poems from my April is Poetry Month from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

We expose our students to a poem weekly through our Reading Curriculum and my goal is to hopefully become as awesome as my teammate Erin who makes it a weekly center.  At the end of the year, each of her students has their own poetry book. She is awesome. Maybe next year!

This has proven to been the perfect time of the year for poetry since MOST of my students have mastered the art of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs.  I have this little freebie you can find in my store to use with your students.  We brainstormed as a class a list of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs that are associated with Spring and then I let them each fill in their individually.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to email me and I can share the rubric along with letter we send home with parents about Poetry Month!

Check out Mrs. Plemons who is up next on the blog hop!


  1. What a cute way to practice parts of speech, reminds me of MAD LIBS in poem form :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Jessica Plemons! Mad libs, how fun! My kids will enjoy writing their season poems :) Thanks!

  3. My kids really enjoy "Mad libs" type activities. I can't wait to try this with them next week. Thanks for sharing Allison :).

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