Sunday, April 13, 2014

Firstie Friends Product Swap! with a Little Giveaway!

I am beyond excited to be a part of this Firstie Friends product swap!  I was lucky enough to work with both Cassie from Adventures in Teaching and Kristy over at The Phonics Phenomenon.  This swap came at the perfect time because we were not only working on genres but needed something to mix up our weekly small group Math instruction!

I first had my small group kids work with Cassie's Manipulative Task Cards.  My kids LOVED them. It was exactly what we needed to mix it up for my struggling learners.  

I printed them all out and categorized them by task.  We still have friends with 42 days left of school that struggle with tens and ones.  I pulled them to my table and had them work with matching them first.  This would be the simplest thing that you could do with these cards but you could actually have students take tens and ones and put them on top each of the cards.  

Check out these hard workers!

I recommend these Manipulative Task Cards for anyone that needs to check their student understanding as we finish out this school year.  They are awesome and I can use every single one of them!  Cassie has a ton of great ideas over at her blog, Adventures in Teaching! Check it out!  

The second item swap that I did was from Kristy at The Phonics Phenomenon.  Her Teaching Genres in Small Groups is AWESOME!  I printed these out, of course our color printer was out of ink so I had to do them in black and white. Boo to that.  I cut them and threw in all the genres that my students knew on a ring.  I loved reviewing the ones that we knew in our small group and can't wait to teach all of the other awesome ones that she has as we finish out the year!

While catching one of my friends up, he was re-reading his book for his research project on Cheetahs. 
He was so excited to look through them and match up what he was reading about to the genre.  

Check him out!

 These are so great to add to whatever you are reading!  I am so excited to start using them at the beginning of the year instead of half way through!  My kids will be sure to be genre experts!  Check out Kristy's blog for more awesome ideas at The Phonics Phenomenon.

Check out all of the great products from the Firstie Friends Product Swap with this great giveaway!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!


  1. That is a FANTASTIC resource! :) Wowzaroonie! :) And isn't your little helper in the pictures just precious! ;) I love how excited he looks to be a part of your post! :) I would love to try this out in my own classroom...we've been having a bit of trouble with genre this year...I bet this would be the perfect thing to give them the support that they need! ;)
    Thanks so much for introducing me to such a wonderful resource! :)
    Can't wait to try this out!!

  2. I am so excited to see my genre cards in use:) I love how you are using them.
    Can't wait to try out Cassie's math cards as well!!

  3. Such super resources! I love how both sets of cards can be used in two very different ways. I am definitely heading over to check them out:) Thanks for sharing.

    The Resourceful Apple


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