Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blog Hoppin 2014!

So I have an issue. 
Once I have a challenge, I have to finish it. 
Give me a list, consider it done. 
So here lies the issue:

I wasn't sure I would get into it atop of the 13,457,632 things going on at the moment but now I can't stop. So if you follow me on Instagram, I'm really, really sorry. :)

There are over 105 photo ops to take for the blog hoppin challenge between now and August 6th!

Here are my first of which I already messed up because I totally forgot to add "blog hoppin 2014" 

Full cup of coffee! 

5 teachers/adults cheers-ing! 

I so could have used that yellow paper! Darn!

So get on the train friends, it's addictive and you could even win a couple awesome prizes, like a camera, or an iPad!


  1. I'm so glad I read this post bc honest to goodness I googled "blog hop 2014" to figure out what in da hellz you were doing on Instagram I could have just texted you, but then I remembered the last time we hung out was circa 2008 ish and I since have a new phone. To make this long story longer I need your digits!! Miss you!

  2. I'm so excited to start! Blog Hoppin is so fun!


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