Friday, August 8, 2014

Orton Gillingham Red Word Worksheets!

Happy School is Almost Here in Pittsburgh! (sigh!)  I am cringing at the thought of all the teachers & kids out there that are finishing their first week of school! What the heck! Where did summer go?

  I am so excited to share my latest product, Red Words List 1 Worksheets.  I love using Orton Gillingham Red Words in my classroom and had to come up with the perfect practice for students.  My goal this year is to incorporate a Red Word a day. (fingers crossed I can accomplish it!) These worksheets will be a great activity for students to complete after we learn the word!

You can check out the first little set here!

Don't use Orton in your classroom and think it would be beneficial? 
Feel free to ask me how easy it is to incorporate!

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