Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The First Snow Day of 2015!

Here in Pittsburgh, we have been pretty lucky so far this winter.  At this point last winter, we had multiple delays and closings that extended our school year.  Today we had our first delay that turned into a closing. Boo and Boo!  This means that we will no longer have Martin Luther King Jr. day off. At least at this point, we will at least have a clerical day that Friday.  

Have you heard about the Whole 30?  I first learned about this through Rachelle over at For Blogness Sake.  She is a rockstar and totally inspired me to get back to basics with what I am eating.  

I have not finished reading the book, shhhh, I think you are supposed to completely finish reading it before starting but listen to a sister, I needed to start.  I was so excited that my awesome husband after much begging and pleading said that he would do it with me as well.  All I had to say was: "You can eat Potatoes..." #hooked. I left out a lot of the things you can't consume, like wheat, dairy, and well, alcohol. #opps

If you have no clue about the Whole 30. Check it out here at The Whole 30 website.  This is one of the most resourceful websites I have seen for a program like this.  It is full of recipes, shopping lists, and must knows to get you started.  There are a ton of great Pinterest boards as well as people on Instagram that have shared recipes as well as motivation so seek them out as well! Take the plunge and check out Whole 30 today.  

I am off to watch the new episode of Fixer Upper! #hgtvlove

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