Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Benchmark Literacy: Hear it from a 3rd Grade Teacher

A handful of teachers in our district are currently piloting Benchmark Literacy.  Our district is going to officially adopting it district wide in the fall.  A lot of comments/questions that I have received has been about what we are seeing in the district both good and bad.  So I should title this post...Let's be honest...

I have to say that overwhelming response has been that "Benchmark Literacy is amazing! A lot of work but amazing!" {I would completely agree with this!} 

The following are the Pros and Cons are from a 3rd grade teacher in our district who is piloting.

Pros: I definitely know more about my students as readers. I listen to them each read on a daily basis and can identify their strengths and weaknesses better than I could with a basal. The students really like having their own book that only their group reads. They get very into the topics in the books and we always end up looking up more information about the nonfiction selections. Their reading grades are a much more accurate depiction of their reading abilities than they were with a basal.

Cons: It puts a lot of responsibility on the students to make sure they are focused during the mini lesson and on task during their workstations. There is not a lot to hold them accountable throughout the instruction time (no worksheets to complete to see if they are paying attention) so I think my lower kids struggle with that responsibility. 

Any more specific questions?  Leave a comment below and I will make sure I to find you the answer! 


  1. We are adopting in the fall - any ideas, suggestions?

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